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Newhaven’s villagers have many interesting stories to relate about life in the village in its heyday as a fishing port. Examples of the support network nurtured by the community life abound.  

Childhood within the secure environment gave young people an independence that is unequalled today.  

Listen and learn by the conversations and revisit regularly as our audio library increases.

Track 1: Introduction to George Hackland and early history

Track 2: Schooldays at Newhaven Victoria school and North Fort Street and David Kilpatrick’s

Track 3: Starting work and early “apprenticeships”

Track 4: Becoming a Marine Engineer

Track 5: Ben Crolla and Fascist blackshirts in Newhaven

Track 6: Starting a Merchant Navy career

Track 7: Joining ship and life on the Empire Norse

Track 8: On convoy and about the ship

Track 9: America’s contribution to the war and reverse lease lend

Track 10: Liberty ships, British Merchant ships and working conditions  

Track 11: Convoys, the American coast and running aground

Track 12: A burial at sea

Track 13: Convoys (continued)

Track 14: Conditions on Salvesen Ships  

Track 22: Redevelopment

Track 23: Fish Trade

Track 24

Track 25: Reclamation

George Hackland was born in 1921 and saw Newhaven from its glory days to its sad demise and transformation