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Five Queens Coronation 1953 in Starbank Park

A special gala held in STARBANK PARK in 1953 in commemoration of H M QUEEN ELIZABETH II with MAUREEN LINTON as the Fisher Queen supported by four Queens, St Margaret, Queen Margaret, Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Victoria.  [13:59 minutes]

Fascinating footage of ESTHER LISTON, the last working Fishwife, taken about 1962/63 when she was leaving her house in ANN STREET for the last time, followed by her standing outside her new home in NEWHAVEN MAIN STREET  [13:59 minutes]

GEORGE LISTON’s film of Newhaven circa 1963 taken from high vantage points in the village showing the HARBOUR, ST ANDREW’S SQUARE and MAIN STREET.  [13:59 minutes]

The construction of WESTERN HARBOUR in 1938-1942 to create a deep water basin for LEITH DOCK COMMISSION.  This is an external link over which we have no control to the British Film Institute library [13:59 minutes]

A film taken by J ARTHUR RANK of HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II arriving in THE ROYAL YACHT BRITANNIA at the quay of CHANCELOT MILL in 1956 to be received by the DOCK COMMISSIONERS and dignitaries.  (External link as above)  [13:59 minutes]

Animation of The Chain Pier  (External link as above)  [13:59 minutes]

Cine film taken in 1977 when the ladies of NEWHAVEN FISHWIVES CHOIR presented a bench to Edinburgh Council to mark their Golden Jubilee of the choir’s founding.  Led by their conductor, MENIE ADDISON, they sing a song before the presentation. [13:59 minutes]

Five Queens Coronation 1953 in Starbank Park