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The Newhaven Heritage Centre (NHC) is a Scottish charitable Organisation (SCIO) — the direct successor of the Newhaven Action Group (NAG) which was set up in 2009 to try to restore the pre-existing Newhaven Community Museum. This had been closed because of council financial constraints.

Lots of people miss the old museum, and have said so.  Visitors go looking for it and Newhaveners wish it was still there.  At its peak it attracted over 30,000 people a year.

We wanted to resurrect the museum — not just because of its popularity but because it held the essence of what Newhaven was as a community.

People cared for and about each other in “Old” Newhaven. They shared, and supported each other through, adversity.  Fishing was the mainstay occupation for most of its existence and has always been dangerous and hard work.  A Society of Free Fishermen was established early in the sixteenth century which looked after the interests of its members and provided for the welfare of widows and children and the poor.  It kept a distinct village identity secure over six hundred years at least. And we want to make sure this continues for it’s good to be part of a caring community.

You can only do this if you know about the lives of your forebears and one of our aims is to preserve and tell people about Newhaven’s story.  Knowing about the past of your community helps to anchor it in your mind and keep you part of it.  We see ourselves as nourishing the roots of belonging to Newhaven as a community.

Our biggest problem over the years has been the lack of a place in Newhaven in which the Heritage Centre could be based.  Not having a physical base has not stopped us contributing to the culture and improving the Newhaven environment.  A list of the activities we’ve been involved in recent years is to be found on the Community page and we continue to take forward specific projects.  We have a continuing commitment to improving the local physical environment but our priority continues to be the specification and planning of a Heritage Centre worthy of the community of Newhaven.

Donations to the Newhaven Heritage Centre, a Scottish registered charity, contribute to the fund to create a Heritage Centre and the protection and preservation of the village’s unique history.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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