The Newhaven Heritage Centre is recognised as a Scottish registered charity No SC044837.

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Newhaven Action Group — NAG — was founded in 2009 as a result of Edinburgh Council’s decision to close the popular museum next to the harbour and run by willing volunteers, many of whom were born and bred Newhaveners.

NAG was superceded in 2015 by Newhaven Heritage Centre which is recognised as a Scottish incorporated registered charity.  As the name implies, Newhaven Heritage is working to restore a MUSEUM, together with an EDUCATION CENTRE, and COMMUNITY FACILITIES.

The charity seeks to create a Newhaven Community Museum in the modern idiom within the old school.  Not only will this be an attraction to locals, ex-pats and tourists, thus bringing business into Newhaven, it will also provide lifelong learning and intergenerational activities sharing our heritage, learning new skills, being creative, gardening and growing food.  This helps us make sure that our children have a continuing link with the old school and their history.  It is they who will carry on the traditions and hold on to the best values that makes the school such a good and happy one.

Secondly, Newhaven heritage Centre would be set up as a Community Hub — a welcoming inclusive centre bringing all ages together.

Over the years many of the places where Newhaveners could socialise or follow interests or hobbies or contact services have been lost. So have many of these activities.  The school building could give us the spaces to bring them back again. Classrooms can be converted into club rooms and workshops and the hall could be used for concerts, youth clubs, dances and public meetings.

The Community Hub will also become a central place where new Newhaven residents and the original villagers can come together.  In this way, the enlarged neighbourhood of Greater Newhaven can become a cohesive community once more — active, vibrant, supportive.  A place for families, a place for all generations.